Double Commander


Multi-platform, two-paneled file manager


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It's not hard to find alternatives to the default Windows file explorer, one of the aspects of the operating system that could really use some improvements.

Double Commander is a two-panel file manager for Windows and Linux that streamlines file management thanks to a series of small features.

The first is the fact that you can personalize the columns displayed by the application in each panel. The column that seems to be the most useful is that of attributes or file permissions (that's right, permissions aren't just a part of UNIX systems).

The second is the ability to select and unselect files using a mask, and then to package them together using a compression tool included in the program. It is compatible with ZIP, TAR, GZ, and TGZ formats.

Double Commander makes use of a tool bar similar to that of Norton Commander from MS-DOS. It allows you to perform different actions with a file by simply pressing the corresponding key. When it comes to viewing a file (F3), Double Commander includes a file viewer/editor that can display the contents of a file in text, binary, or hexadecimal form.

The viewer is especially useful for web developers, since it is capable of highlighting the syntax of various programming languages, including the following: ObjectPascal, Java, C , PHP, SQL, HTML, XML, UNIX scripts, TEX, Perl, CSS, definitions of the Lazarus formula, and more.

These and many more features await you in an application that simplifies Windows file management.

For Windows 32 bit versions. Users of 64 bit Windows should download Double Commander 0.4.0.

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